Peter Crouch is breathing new life into football.

Together with Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce, the veteran striker is engaging listeners with hilarious anecdotes and footballing tales. Here, 5STAR looks at some of the best and reveals why every football fan should be tuning into That Peter Crouch Podcast.


Over 12 episodes, Crouch, Fordyce and Stark provide an access all areas exploration of the world of professional football. Recounting his journey to the international stage, the trio bless listeners with some brilliant football insight and light humour. Topics of discussion range from Tony Pulis’ tactics to dressing room DJ’s. The birth of the infamous robot celebration which rocketed the striker to cult hero status is also fondly remembered.

Now 37, the current Stoke City player is able to recount highlights of his career but also some hard truths. Fascinatingly for English fans, he is able to draw international failures and some of the abuse received from the stands. This brutal truthfulness is a virtue, giving England fans answers to the questions they have been asking for over a decade.


It is refreshing to see and hear the listeners becoming a large part of the podcast. You really get the sense that the BBC have struck the right balance between fans and the sport.

A major segment involves the fans writing into the studio with fascinating ‘Crouchy’ stories. Peter verifies their accuracy, with tales ranging from boozing with Coronation Street’s Dev to tracking down a fan with his lucky boots.  Running jokes involving the fans also continue through the series of podcasts.

Unsurprisingly, most of Crouch’s shenanigans turn out to be true. This often triggers more humorous discussion with Crouch, Fordyce and Stark bouncing off each other and charming their audience further.


By far the main allure of the podcast is the hilarious anecdotes. Crouch proves a wonderful storyteller, engaging the audience with an unparalleled catalogue of tales. From drawing his then Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez in the secret santa hat, to being teased by Prince Harry for punching above his weight with his wife, Crouch’s stories do not disappoint.

However, by far the most memorable involves an encounter with Spanish World Cup winning legend, Andres Iniesta. In an early episode, Crouch claims the former Barcelona superstar asked him for a picture whilst on holiday. Met with a barrage of disbelief, Fordyce, Stark and countless fans demand he proves the picture exists.  Seemingly unable to do so, the back and forth that ensues between and adamant Crouch, his co-hosts and the audience provides for hilarious listening.


Football fans strike gold when they listen to That Peter Crouch Podcast. There are no secondary interests from the parties involved, it is just pure, authentic football content.

Unlike contractual commitments such as post-match interviews, where players often produce the same old scripted drivel, this podcast gives fans honesty. And, in a world where supporters are feeling more disconnected from their idols than ever, the podcast builds bridges.

Moreover, a charismatic Crouch, supported by the wit and humour of Stark and Fordyce succeeds at bringing the football community back together. Knocking down the barriers of club rivalries, That Peter Crouch Podcast gives the everyday fan clever football insight, intriguing stories and a barrel of laughs.