I recently had a chat with Lee Bradley, a comic book artist who has drawn for the likes of Spiderman, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ironically, we spoke via social media, and he told me all about his online life.

What Social Media Platforms do you Use?

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, though I don’t use twitter cause it’s shit.

Lee only shares his Instagram posts to his Twitter account.

Do you Interact with Fans of your Work Online?

Whilst he does respond to fans, Lee finds it easiest on Instagram as it’s usually simple responses to a picture, whereas Facebook can get more interactive.

Have your Online Interactions been mostly Positive, Negative, or a Mix?

Lee has found that Instagram is a largely positive platform, with fans responding to his work with compliments. However, Facebook can apparently be quite a mixture when it comes to feedback.

What I found to be surprising is that Lee’s art page apparently brings in a lot more positive feedback than his personal page does. Although he believes that anyone who does comment negatively is just jealous.

Can you give an example of one positive experience, and one negative experience you’ve had on social media?

Lots of Positive. Have quite a few people post pictures online of items [artwork] they have purchased and where they have put them in their home.

Apparently some people have even decorated rooms in order to match the artwork they have bought from Lee. He told me about a couple who purchased three pieces from him and now have specific lighting in their kitchen to compliment the art.

As far as negative goes, Lee told me this:

Actually had a few jealous artists try to instigate arguments online, try to goad you into saying something negative.

He told me that generally this can be dealt with using the trusty block button, and it tends to only be artists who are hungry to feed off his success.

As a Content Creator, how would you describe your Relationship with Social Media?

Lee describes his overall relationship with his social media as very love/hate. Although, he does say that sometimes he needs to take a break from it.

Use it for your benefit.

Use it, rather than let it use you.

These words definitely resonated with me, and I think we could all do with thinking about switching off every now and then – especially when dealing with online trolls.

It was great to speak to Lee. For more of his work, check out his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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[Original cover artwork by Lee Bradley via leebradley.com]