When I first arrived at university, my cooking attributes were minimal. From barely being able to scramble some eggs, one could hardly assume that good food made by my hands would be possible. With the help of my mobile phone, and an instagram account, I was able to get hold of recipes that where both very easy to do as well as being delicious. As I have always been a foodie following delicious food both with my nose and my phone was always a natural habit. However having my mother cook for me before university meant that food was only something I enjoyed eating and not making.

Since I moved in to halls and now my student house, cooking has become an important part of my day. The accounts I follow on Instagram such as @mobkitchen and @deliciouslyella have pushed me to make my own godly creations.The Digital world has had a tremendous impact on cooking and healthy eating. With access to so many delicious recipes and countless food blogs, learning how to cook is both accessible to millions as well as showing the simplicity behind wonderful tasting food. Social Media sites haven’t just provided access but also a huge following, a base with which people can connect and discuss recipes, review them and adapt with results then being reproduced in new posts. This refining and changing of classical dishes leads to whole new avenues into creative and modern cooking, with recipes being tweaked and tweaked, all for the love of food.This blog aims to provide both delicious recipes as well as revealing how the internet has made me fall in love with food all over again.

The increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans has skyrocketed since the rise of the digital age. With so much information being accessible, people are educating themselves on the importance of conscious consumption, both for one’s own health and the health of the planet. This era of awareness about fueling your body with the right foods is almost entirely built upon the access given by a digital age. Through documentaries such as “What the Health” on Netflix to the short tutorials on Instagram about making vegan food, large numbers of people are deciding to move towards a plant based diet, with the hope of saving their health and the planet.

I hope to capture the attention of anyone that loves food and wants to make great food for themselves and friends, in order to change old habits and cook a lovely fresh dish that’s both easy, delicious and impressive to future dinner guests. All images of food on my blog are made by me either on my own or with my girlfriend who really taught me how to conquer the frightening task of making good food. Some recipes are improvisations and others are renditions of recipes off my favourite foodstagrams and acknowledgements will be made when necessary.

Just to start you off with some good food, here is my creamy carbonara recipe –

– Tagliatelle (200g per person)
– 1 X Red Onion
– 3 X Garlic cloves
– 2 X Egg
– a handful of Parsley
– Pancetta (200g)
– Salt & Pepper
– Parmesan
– Butter (1tbs)

Method – inspired both by Mob Kithcen and my mother.

1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, adding salt to taste. Add the Tagliatelle and ensure all the pasta is covered by the simmering water.

2. Dice the onions and add to a frying pan on medium heat, stirring till they are soft (around 4 mins)

3. Add the garlic, which should also be diced, closely followed by the pancetta or rashers of bacon cut up with scissors into small pieces if you don’t have pancetta.

4. Cook until the bacon is slightly crispy and leave to rest as one dices up a handful of parsley.

5. Drain the pasta, after it has been checked, although save some of the starchy simerring water, only a very little small amount. Crack two raw eggs into the pasta and quickly stir. The egg will cook in the pasta. Also add the butter at this point to cream up with the egg in the pasta.

6. Now add the bacon and the onions into the pot of pasta, stir to mix the bacon with the spaghetti evenly.

7. Serve the pasta and sprinkle grated parmesan and parsley to your desired taste, with two pinches of pepper.