Hello and welcome to yet another blog post! Today we are going to be discuss the power of YouTube. Or more precisely, how bisexual coming out videos influence audiences to also accept their sexuality. 

YouTube and YouTubers in general have a massive impact on wider society, and that’s also the case with the LGBTQ+ community. Troye Sivan, James Charles and Gigi Gorgeous are only a few in the hundreds that represent the LGBTQ community. But what about the bisexual YouTube folk? I wouldn’t be a regular internet bisexual with an aggressively bisexual blog IF I didn’t wanna talk about Bisexual YouTubers? Or if I didn’t know at least one? BUT, this blog post is here to talk about some bisexual youtubers and the impact that their coming out has made on the bisexual community online. Here we go y’all.

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Shane Lee Yaw or more well known as Shane Dawson..

Shane Dawson has accumulated 19 MILLION FREAKING SUBSCRIBERS, since his channel was made all the way back in 2008 and his videos undoubtedly garnered a lot of attraction from viewers all around the world. He is definitely one of my favourite YouTubers because of his content and he so happens to be bisexual.

In 2015, Shane Dawson uploaded a video onto his channel, titled ‘I’m Bisexual’. In the video, Shane starts by saying that he wanted to make a coming out video because he feels like “it can help a lot of people“.

Shane further admits that he has been “extremely sexually confused” often “wishing that he was… 100% gay“. This was because it was easier “to be accepted by people“, as he displays certain levels of gender androgyny. In the video he admits that he is not “completely gay” and he is not straight either, accepting himself as bisexual.

Describing his past when it came to romantic relationships, Shane states that he had crushes on both girls and boys, having his first kiss with a girl.

He understood that he felt attraction and therefore he told himself that he was “not gay at all“, but he continued to be attracted to guys in his later relationships. He conclusively says that he just wants to love who he loves, “whether that’s a guy or a girl“.

This is the type of sexuality journey that a lot of bisexuals can relate to, including me. Viewers praised Shane “for his bravery and for drawing attention to the issues that facing bisexual people“, according to The Independent.

Y’all can watch his coming out video below 🙂

The impact

In my opinion, Shane’s video about his bisexual identity made a significant impact on the bisexual community – many people in the comments shared their own experiences with their bisexual identities, as well as their struggles with coming out.

This clearly shows the coming together of the digital bisexual community, which could be credited back to Shane! Shane has a massive digital audience, and is able to bring up a lot of attention of the valid existence of the Bisexual community in the face of many issues e.g. bi erasure.

Elle Mills or ElleOfTheMills

Moving on to yet another YouTuber that made an emotional bisexual coming out video – let’s introduce Elle Mills. Elle has been making videos from 2012 and gained online attention through her edits of popular tv show and film trailers, such as ‘IF STRANGER THINGS WERE A ROMANTIC COMEDY’ which attracted over 600,000 thousand views for the YouTuber. At 1.5 million subscribers, Elle is unapologetically vocal about being bi and this was ever since she posted her most popular video called ‘COMING OUT (ELLE MILLS STYLE)’.

At the start of the video, Elle addresses the fan speculation about whether she was gay Elle then inviting the viewer to listen to her story. Elle documented her journey of coming out to herself, her friends and family and then coming out to her audience in a funny and entertaining ‘Elle Mills style’, which many fans praised her for.

At the end of her YouTube video, Elle reintroduces herself to the viewers, her sexuality now being known :


Hi, I’m Elle Mills and I’m bisexual.

This happened a year ago and since then, Elle made an equally emotional follow up to her coming out video, where she talked about the aftermath of the video that blew the heck up. The video also features the crush that made her realise her sexuality and encouraged her to come out.

You can watch both of the videos right here below 😉

The impact

Similarly to Shane Dawson’s coming out video, Elle’s as emotional coming out video got the bi community online together in the comments of her coming out video. Her online audience showed tremendous support for Elle and the people in the comments also shared their own stories, as well as concerns or fears about coming out themselves.

After A LOT of people watched Elle’s coming out video, it becoming the most watched video on her channel as of yet, her message went out to a lot of people.

News outlets such as Metro further stated that her coming out has been actively “… praised online…” with her viewers saying how “…proud and thankful they are…”.

The audience were clearly supportive and grateful for Elle using her popularity online to spread awareness of bisexuality and also be genuine about the journey that she has been through. Many people who also might identify as bisexual or be unsure about their sexuality would feel less alone due to big YouTubers such as Shane and Elle using the platforms to help fly the bi flag online.

In conclusion…

The power of YouTube and people sharing their stories online allows for everyone to feel less alone in the world, especially when it comes to people’s sexualities and the possible stigma. Shane and Elle sharing their bisexual stories online not only creates awareness of bi issues but also helps fight the bi erasure of those in bi communities online and in real life. Perhaps more and more people posting their coming out stories will help completely erase the stigma of bisexuality and sexuality in general?

See you in my next post 🙂

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