The future of Mobile Phones will revolve around embedding phones in peoples day-to-day activities. The current digital transformation in the mobile phone industry shows that with the day to day improvement of mobile phones to meet consumer needs. The future mobile phones will control almost all aspects of people’s lives. In the last few years, digital technology advancement has resulted in rapid development of mobile phones.

Hence, in the coming years, the development of mobile phones will be an exciting ride. Analyzing the current trends in the development of mobile phones and advancement in mobile phone digital technology it is possible to predict what to expect from future phones. For example, there will be:

             Holographic display enabled phones

            In the future, it is possible that the phone manufacturing companies will incorporate the touch-free technology in smartphones making it possible for users to interact with virtual displays. The hologram mobile display technology will revolutionize the gaming environment by making it possible for gamers to interact with projected games above the handset.

                Development of eco-friendly mobile phones

            Today, mobile manufacturers are always looking for a way to make their mobile phones environmental friendly. Seemingly, they are looking for cleaner energy charging and biodegradable materials when building their products as a strategy to develop eco-friendly phones. In the future, we expect that mobile phone manufacturers will produce phones that use cleaner charging energy such as solar power and kinetic energy. For example, in 2016 Mobile show, Kyocera presented a solar-powered mobile phone type that shows that the dream of production of solar-powered mobile phones in the future is possible.

Similarly, in 2009, Mikhail Stawsky presented a Mechanical Mobile Phone prototype that used kinetic energy as a source of power. The kinetic energy powered mobile phones idea stems from an individual spinning their phone around a finger to charge it. Overall, these new environmental friendly mobile phone charging approaches show that mobile phone companies have a full commitment to developing eco-friendly mobile phones. Hence, in the future, it is possible that these companies will develop eco-friendly phones.

            Development of phones with Flexible frames

           Mobile phone manufacturers talk about creations of flexible mobile phones that can fold.  For example, back in 2008, Nokia Company showcased their “Morph phone” prototype that shows that such a vision is possible in the future. The Nokia Morph phone will transform the customer’s experience with the phone being a new shape, with a bend and folds without permanently deforming it. This will suit the customer in a wide range of their day to day needs.  Notably, other phone companies such as Samsung have joined in the flexibility phone concept. This means, that in the near future, flexible phones will be available for consumer use. In summation, the flexible phones will transform the phone industry by taking care of several consumer needs since they will easily transform to a flat screen when watching videos and into GPS-enabled belt among other uses.

           Use of Mobile Phones as an Educational tool

            In the last decade, the sale of smartphones has skyrocketed globally. In the near future, we expect that the digital technology advancement and increasing use of mobile phones will change the way people learn and teach.

           Today, there is almost one phone in every three school going children meaning that in a future characterized with advanced mobile phones in terms of voice recording and camera quality; the education system will have to accommodate them as teaching and learning tool. Currently, some education authorities in the majority of schools use mobile phones to update and alert the parents about the progress of their children. Therefore, in the near future, the education system will have to harness the multiple functions that mobile phones offer to facilitate teaching and learning.

            Mobile phones will becomes people’s new best friend

            Today, people use phones in almost all aspects of life such as shopping, managing finances, alarms as well as to make friends. Mobile phones have become a necessity and people use them from when they wake up to when they go back to sleep. Apparently, this has been the trend for most mobile phone users and the trend will only grow stronger in the future. Mobile technology will become more intuitive, making it possible for users to interact with their phones on a new level.

In the future, phone manufacturing companies will focus on turning phones into users’ best friend. They will achieve this by incorporating human behavior into the mobile phone handset as a strategy. They will make this to enable users to bond with the phone both emotionally and physically. For example, the Mondai prototype phone, adapted to different situations in the same manner that a human being does. In summation, in the near future, these kinds of phones will be available to the consumer and will change how people view friendship forever.