Welcome to all you young powerful ladies out there who have recently become interested in exercising, the gym, food and mental health! Now let me ask you some questions!



Are you unsure about what the Fitness Industry is with all the digital information on it out there?
Do you feel lost and a bit overwhelmed with how many different opinions there are on certain topics regarding Fitness and eating?
And most of all do you agree that there is no one out there who actually speaks their mind and looks at Fitness reflectively rather than someone who is completely obsessed with it?


Who are you to tell me this?

Don’t worry, if you can relate to any of the questions above you are definitely in the right place! I will try my hardest to give my honest opinion and to make you guys feel more informed. Of course, I know you’re probably all thinking ‘why on earth would she know what she’s talking about? Why should I trust her?’ After all I am only a 21-year-old girl with some experience with Fitness. What I can say though is that I have followed the rise of Fitness in the media for quite some time now. I have grown up with the growing influence of digitisation on the world. From that perspective I will hopefully give all of you amazing girls out there a somewhat informed but obviously limited experience on digital Fitness.


Mental Health

Now Fitness and the whole concept of being fit has been around for a lot longer than digital media. Before people took selfies of their bodies in gym mirrors and way before people shared their healthy foods on platforms like Instagram to show off. And come on, we’ve all done it! We are all guilty of somehow posting something that relates to any sort of healthy aspect. Whether we have posted a picture of food or a selfie at the gym or whether you told the whole world that next week you are going on a diet! We’re all guilty of it! That is nothing to be ashamed of . If there is people out there making you feel like you need to look a certain way  then something is seriously wrong.


And that’s what I am here for

To make you guys understand that although it’s amazing to feel healthy and be fit, there are so many incredible mental and physical benefits from it. But that it is very easy to fall into a dark hole and to force yourself to believe to have to look a certain type of way and be a certain size!


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