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I hope everybody had a great Christmas and spent time with their families and friends! I might have drank a bit too much but hey, that is what Christmas is all about!

If you are anything like me, then you would be in bed over Christmas, knowing you have deadlines or work to do, but instead you just take a look at what is on Netflix and you know…one episode won’t hurt. After watching one episode, you watch a season and before you know it you’re hooked!

After creating a poll on my Twitter , it proved that vegan documentaries such as; What The Health, Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives are popular Netflix series especially among vegans.



Cowspiracy is the most popular of the vegan films. This film was released on Netflix on September 15th 2015. It is an informational documentary based on the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. It goes into depth of how eating meat requires huge measurements of water usage, contributes to global warming, deforestation and also is said to be the main factor of environmental disruption.

Directors Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn also produced, edited and filmed the documentary. It was funded by the public which raised a total of $117, 092 by 1,499 supporters.

The documentary uses its film to educate individuals on key facts including that one vegan would only need 1/6th of an acre of land to feed themselves for a year whereas a meat-eater uses 18 times that! It gives an insight of how damaging eating meat is on the environment. 82% of starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals.  These shocking figures had left audiences stunned and ashamed of eating meat. The result of this made the widely known restaurant Mexican restaurant “La Blue Casa” turned their whole menu vegan. They revealed the documentary caused a change of heart. Lopez said “Everything related to food I’ve seen, but this one was incredible.” “Sometimes you just have a situation or episode in your life when everything changes and this was key for me.” 

After Math

This showed how these documentaries which are now very popular which may have caused an increase in vegans. The documentary has just under 315,000 likes on Facebook and 53.8k followers on Twitter. It is safe to say that this documentary took the world by storm.

Their original goal of $54,000 was over-pledged by 217%, with 1,449 people investing $117,092 in just one month. This extra funding allowed them to dub it into Spanish and German and subtitle it into more than 10 other languages, including Chinese and Russian. https://newint.org/blog/2015/09/24/cowspiracy-documentary-vegan  This makes this documentary a worldwide success which brings important and exceptional knowledge around the world.

What The Health 

I first heard of What The Health through an online video of singer ‘Ne-Yo’ congratulating and praising this documentary. Through the video he had announced that the documentary had changed his perception on meat and dairy products which made him convert “100% vegan”. He also urged his viewers to not only watch the documentary but also wanted some vegan recipes to help him follow this diet through. The statement which stood out most from his video was “I ain’t messing with meat no more. I can’t – not after watching  that”.

What the Health is a documentary which focuses on the diseases and cancers caused through consuming meat and dairy products. It reveals how national health websites are sponsored by fast food industries. For example, the American Diabetes Association is sponsored by KFC. This brought a shock to the audience after there are facts and statistics stating that meat and dairy products are a leading cause of diabetes and cancer.


To prove how successful this documentary has been and the difference it has made to its audience, as well as converting me to veganism, it has also converted celebrities including; Tom Ford and Lewis Hamilton! It is safe to say that this documentary has a positive effect on the public and helps them understand the role their diet has on their bodies.

Forks Over Knives

The final vegan documentary on Netflix in Fork Over Knives. Similar to What The Health, Fork Over Knives enhances the message of cancerous cells endorsed in meat and dairy products. Its website consists of recipes, statistics and knowledgable books.

Celebrities who have seen this film have praised this film which brought more recognition to it. A list celebrity Ariana Grande quoted “Fork Over Knives is one of the most eye opening, enlightening films I’ve ever seen.”  Singer Jason Mraz also praises this film, “For those curious or concerned about a plant-based diet, check out the film Forks Over Knives. It’s a life changer.”

It is safe the say, Netflix has a great influence on its audiences and the celebrities watching the documentaries also encourage their fans and the public to go vegan due to the shocking facts it portrays.

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