In digital society, the existence of cameras is now a very important device for people. In fact, there were already cell phones with built-in cameras even before smartphones were introduced, but now the camera has gone beyond the function of the built-in camera to replace the original camera. Every year, each mobile phone company competes against each other with upgraded pixels and new features of built-in camera. One of the examples, Apple's iPhone can record 4k videos on its mobile phone. And Samsung's new model, Note 9, has added a remote control feature that can be filmed far away. These advances in technology have changed people's standards for photography. Even without professional photo-graphics equipment, anyone can take high-quality pictures with their own mobile phones. Furthermore, the digital media world we live in is a world where pictures taken on smartphones can be shared directly with friends through social media in real time. It can be said that it has all the necessary functions and convenience. However, these days, people prefer things with analogue sensitivity to digital devices. So that kind of analogue vibe is added to digital device, and people get nostalgic from a lot of products. An app to make a photo with a digital camera, but it feels like it was taken with a film camera, vinyl turntables with Bluetooth speaker function, A electronic pen for tablet PC that provides a sense of writing like writing on a piece of paper, a keyboard that looks like a real old typewriter, And there are e-readers designed like flipping paper books. In addition to the above example products, many electronic devices stimulate people's memories.