There are many reasons why you might consider going vegan. Firstly, let’s talk about facts!

1)The UN recently declared that we only have 12 years to fix climate change.

2) Animal agriculture (farming of animals) is responsible for ‘64% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally (cook, 2018) That’s huge!

3) More than half the world’s crops are used to feed farmed animals

4) There’s something YOU can do


Now, of course we can turn the taps of when brushing our teeth, start walking more, be more energy efficient etc. But doesn’t all this sound very familiar, we’ve been told to do this for most of our lives, but now we only have 12 years! Despite all those walks we took when we could have got in the car, all the water we saved when we decided to take shorter showers to do our part for the environment. seems a bit silly now.

However, all is not lost!

we can undo the damage effectively as simply as cutting down the amount of meat we eat or even cutting it out of our diets completely, to put this into perspective for you just think about how much water you may use in a day? On average that would be around ’80-100 gallons per day’ (USGS Water science school, 2016) now think about the millions of animals that are raised purely for the purpose of food, that’s a substantial amount of water lost due to agriculture. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the amount of methane that animals such as cattle produce.

With agriculture sadly comes deforestation, we need land to rear these animals. In fact, agriculture along with the burning of fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to deforestation as well as global warming. With agriculture being responsible for around 18% of deforestation (cook,2018). All these factors are working together as a ticking time bomb for our planet and there is no such thing as a planet B.

Since making the decision to go vegan myself after copious amounts of research, I was amazed at how simple this could be and that maybe I can’t make a difference on my own but as a mass we absolutely can change our environmental situation. I think it comes down to one thing. If it’s not a matter of necessity, why do, we do it all? Particularly when we draw ourselves to point four. How many people globally do you think go hungry?


‘Close to a billion people go to sleep hungry every night’  (Oxfam, 2018)


There’s 7 billion people on the planet, there’s no way this can be the most effective way to feed everyone if there’s a billion people going hungry every day and night! This land could be used grow crops to feed ourselves.


Where does the internet fit in, with all of this?

We’re moving into times were slowly, veganism is becoming more mainstream by the second. A couple of years ago finding vegan options in restaurants may have been a challenge. Now most restaurant including big chains such as Pizza Express and Wagamama’s offer a complete vegan menu. The opportunity that the internet has provided the vegan community, is a chance to share their voice and it seems that people are listening, and people do care. The internet provides pages of information, chances for debates and two sides to every story. Enabling us to make up our own minds with the information made accessible to us.

Without the internet I don’t believe veganism would have grown to what it is today. From online charities to Activists spreading their message via social media platforms such as YouTube, with channels such as ‘Earthling Ed’ an animal rights activist. Before going vegan myself his channel offered me great insight in to what veganism could do for: Animals, your own personal health and the planet. I often wonder if the internet hadn’t taken veganism by storm if I would ever of, considered going vegan. His channel reaches a massive 130K people and that’s just who are subscribed to his channel with some videos reaching twice as many people.

I urge anyone to take a look at one of ed’s speeches that i have included below, for a long time i remained blissfuly unaware of how the meat industry was actually run and the suffering that took place. I mean it’s one of those topics that we all tend to shut out and pretend that it doesn’t happen and tell ourselves that maybe these animals do live happy lives and then are killed humanly. However, one thing i took from ed’s speeches is that firstly, these animals don’t lead happy lives and i feel extremely naive for ever thinking that they possibly could of and secondly that there is no humane way to kill an animal that simply doesn’t wan’t to die.

Video’s like this are a prime example of sharing knowledge through the internet, empowering us to make informed choices that will benefit the world! I’m grateful for content creators such as Ed, stumbling across his Youtube Channel and his content  provided me with information that enabled me to try and do my bit for the planet, my health and of course the animals.