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. This blog will explore the digital impact on mental health. Furthermore, to what extent these social media platforms affect different genders/ age groups accordingly.

I will dive into the history of the internet to identify if the phenomenon that is social media, has impacted the rise in mental health. Whether this be:Depression, Eating disorders or Personality disorders.

It is clear there has been a rise in these mental health disorders. Is this down to representation in the media? Or is it down to it being a more common issue in the news? Is it because individuals self diagnose through social media platforms such as Twitter?

Due to this being a serious and sometimes sensitive topic I intend to kept a professional and formal tone throughout the blog. Although, saying that I am a young woman who is trying to encourage those to speak about if they are going through any of these struggles. My twitter account may show informal language as I try to relate to others issues to show this topic can be spoken about with ease. This blog is aimed at 15-30 year olds. Therefore, the reasons for my different tones is to keep all those under the target audience intrigued and accounted for. I feel this age group is a good way to under pick the statement being discussed. In the fifteen years between the audiences digital and social media means very different things and has affected there generations accordingly. This will be interesting for me to see the different comments and reactions to my post.

This blog has no age/gender restriction. Although, this blog is aimed at 15-30year olds. Despite this, whatever age you are, feel free to browse and leave any necessary comments 🙂
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I look forward to sharing this journey with you as i create this blog!