Voice & Tone

This blog has been created to look into the digital impact on hobbies and past times, designed for those who are interested in the topics mentioned and for those who want to learn more.

The content on this site will be informal and anecdotal, with each post including personal opinions and stories, which will create a warm and welcoming environment. I aim to interact with my audience as much as possible within my blog, replying to comments on a regular basis.

With this in mind, this blog’s writing style will be:

  1. Straightforward – My blog is aimed for a younger demographic (16-24), however can be enjoyed by everyone. I want people to understand what I’m saying, so I will use simple language and try to not use words or phrases that could confuse readers and make the post hard to understand.
  2. Anecdotal – Each blog post will include a short story of something that has happened to me that inspired the blog or is relevant to the topic. As the blog will be mainly wrote from experience it won’t necessarily be factually accurate, however I will try to include relevant facts if I think they are needed.
  3. Chatty – I am aiming to make my blog posts informal and chatty so the reader feels like they get to know me, with hopes it makes the blog easy and enjoyable to read rather than too educational.
  4. Informative – Although my blog posts will be anecdotal and chatty. I am hoping the reader will gain information from the post about the digital impact on hobbies. I may use statistics and facts in some of my posts to achieve this, as well as including topics the reader may not know about e.g. the rise of male make-up artists on youtube.