Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Ashleigh and I’m a second year student at Bournemouth University studying Media and Communication. I hope to use this site to share how hobbies have changed and adapted to the digital age. From make-up to music I’ll be looking into how and why hobbies have changed and sharing my own experiences in each blog post. I hope you enjoy!

My favourite hobbies

  1. Baking – Whether I have some free time or its a special occasion theres nothing I enjoy more than creating an edible masterpiece. My lemon drizzle cake goes down a treat with my family and my nan is constantly asking me to bake something for her whenever I visit!
  2. Photography – My love for street, nature and portraiture photography began in college where I studied it for 2 years. I now whip my camera out for family holidays, spontaneous trips, or if my dogs being extra cute!
  3. Walking my dog – Whenever I’m home theres nothing I find more relaxing than walking my dog down the fields and along the canal. It’s great way to get out the house and breathe in the fresh air. Although in summer its more of a ‘run away from the horse flies’ situation than a ‘casual stroll’.
  4. Scrapbooking – This is a hobby I’ve only recently got into and would highly recommend to any who loves photography, art, or reminiscing on good memories. They are great to look back on when you’re feeling nostalgic.
  5. Make-up – I obsess over new make-up launches and need to have everything – probably a bit of an unhealthy obsession – all of which is fuelled by YouTube videos. Theres something so rewarding when you find a new product that just works!