Voice & Tone

This blog has been designed to raising awareness of the changes in travel and tourism as a result of digital communication, whether these effects are benefits or issues. As well as this blog having a strong ethos of reliability, in terms of factual evidence, it will also have a more personal tone, combing my own personal experiences to support such facts. The mission of this blog is to create a community that viewers can engage in by sharing and commenting and it will be my pleasure to respond to any comments provided by the audience.

To achieve this combination of credible information and drawing on personal experiences, the following four techniques will be followed:

  1. Distinctive – Worldly Wanders has a true goal of creating unique articles, in order to compete with other traveler blogs. The combination of factual and a personal tone allows for a comforting but reliable voice, that in tern will create a strong and loyal community of readers.  Keeping up with contemporary issues is crucial, however I shall work with an ethos of taking unique perspectives in the articles that shall have a distinctive identity.
  2. Interactive – In terms of discussing personal travel experiences to support the effects of digital communication, I shall encourage my readers to share their own experiences in the comments and allow for short discussions in terms of how they their travelling experiences were effected. This will increase
    inclusivity and create a popular community that anyone can enjoy.
  3. Colloquial – As well as credible information being provided throughout all articles, it is my goal to create a colloquial tone; a local voice depending on the topic of each article. A literary tone is too formal for this particular genre, and in tern will create an easy-read for a variety of viewers, as well as considering the cultural background of the places of interest. Readers shall feel at ease to view the blogs anywhere at anytime with this chosen tone style.
  4. Evaluative – In the process of including both facts and personal experiences, Worldly Wanders will take many aspects into consideration, weighing up a fair argument to come to a justified conclusion. In an age where technology can provide both positive and negative effects, it is crucial to have an open mind to create an ethical evaluation of the topic of interest.