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Festive Fun In The Big Apple

I have had the chance to previously discuss my travel likes, dislikes and experiences and today, with Christmas just a day away, I needed convincing that going away at Christmas could be a possibility for the future. Festive holidays have never really appealed to me, I enjoy the comfort of my home, which in all honesty I’m surprised about considering how much I love to explore and travel.

So, in inspiration for this Worldly Wanders blog, I took to the public, asking for their opinions. I was able to collect a selection of results that gave me an idea on what others thought about the hustle and bustle of the travel life at Christmas. The beauty of digital communication forms, such as our @Wandersworldly twitter page and Facebook, I was able to share a travel survey quick and easily which allowed for the collection of a variety of results. Lets take a look…


Pie Chart showing the preferred choice on spending money on presents or a holiday at Christmas.

An experience seems to be the most enjoyable gift you could have with these sorts of results. The best company, some warm mince pies and one (or a few) glasses of mulled wine is all your indulgent sorted whilst jetting away from the comfort of your home.

Pie Chart showing which holiday people would prefer, beach or ski.

Now this is an interesting one. For me, if I were to go anywhere, it would have to be somewhere very cold, with plenty of comfy sofas and a log fire in every room. To me, it doesn’t feel right working on that tan whilst wearing my Christmas hat. None the less, my opinion is completely over ruled. According to the inspiration from Skyscanner, majority of the best rated Christmas holiday destinations are scorchers, including Cape Verde, Bangkok, Rio De Janeiro and The Canary Islands.  Graph of where people go to look for travel inspiration. trip advisor being the most.


Not only did these results show the true importance of how digital communication platforms have progressed for finding travel inspiration, but also gave me some inspiration for where the magic of a Christmas holiday truly lies. New York. Over 50% of all participants asked said that New York would be their choice of destination and its pretty easy to see why.

February 5 years ago, I was in snowy New York, where although it was too cold to be outside, it still had a warm homely feel wherever you went. Just thinking of its opportunities, beauty and expression is the perfect setting for a holly jolly Christmas (not to mention their expertise’s in giant Christmas trees and ice-skating rinks…). So, today, just in case you were leaving it super last minute to find a Christmas getaway, we’re going to find best Christmas experienced in the Big Apple using TripAdvisor reviews, the platform that was proven to be the most used digital communication site for inspiration. Let your big apple festivities begin! Fingers crossed, without ‘droning’ on, the flights won’t be so delayed out of Gatwick this time!

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Picture of Rochefeller Christmas Tree
Credit to Micheal Vadon from Flickr.

Whether you’ve watched Home Alone one too many times, or you’ve seen it in the flesh, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree is not one to miss, and is #58 out of 1,142 things to do in The big Apple. Take to the rink if you’re not on a budget, but if so, grab a hot chocolate and cookie at one of the surrounding cafes, one of the best with 55% excellent reviews is Ralph’s Coffee Stand. Despite the heavy crowds in the evening, the lights and the height of the tree is something that will stay with you always.


Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights
Credit to Richie S on Flickr.


Being #8 out of 205 of things to do in Brooklyn, this one is for those who enjoy seeing the excessive decor residents go to at Christmas time. The lights are spectacular, and the tours are magical. I for one (without being a snoop) love checking out others Christmas decorations and an entire street filled with the most extravagant lights… What else could you want? This is a wonderful example of how digital communication sites such as TripAdvisor, constant sharing and commenting has turned what was once a residential area into a popular tourist destination.


Time to shop!

Macy's shopping at Christmas
Credit to

Although this isn’t a Christmas destination in itself, you can’t go to The big Apple without experiences the queen of shopping, Macys. Not only does it hold everything you could possibly want but is also complimented with wonderful magical lights throughout the store. As a shopping enthusiast, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Christmas time.

Christmas Spectacular – Radio City Rockettes

Radio City Music Hall at Christmas
Credit to


#32 out of 1,142 things to do in NYC and #1 of 14 events in The Big Apple at Christmas. According to TripAdvisor reviews, queues are a given at this spectacular show, but not one says it wasn’t worth it. A high-quality production with Broadway actors gives the best NYC experience for both tourists and locals. An event for all ages!


Top Of The Rocks

Image of NYC View from Top Of The Rock
Credit to Predragkezic on Pixabay.

Now, this is #6 of 1,142 things to do on TripAdvisor’s list, and although this is a wonderful experience for all year round, imagine standing on top of The World on Christmas Day. That’s a story to tell at all parties. And since it’s Christmas, why not treat yourself to one of the best cocktails in The Big Apple on the 65th floor, whilst taking in those beautiful views.

Without the constant expansion of consumer involvement in leaving reviews and promoting good businesses, travelling wouldn’t be such a smooth experience. However, it should still be noted that digital communication and other forms of technology, such as the current issue with drones are creating a complex web of technology which may be disrupting travel, just as much as improving it. Digital technology is growing every day, and it is important to use it wisely in order to provide the most effective and enjoyable travelling experience for all. After all, it is Christmas (the excuse I’ve been using for the past 2 months whenever anyone offers me guilty snacks). TripAdvisor is one of my favourite sources and she be identified for its consistency in trust and honesty. I like to see everyone’s different experiences, good or bad.

Putting together this perfect Christmas day has given me a true feeling of FOMO, and although I would love to experience this in the winter season, it is safe to say my place is at home, with all the things I love when it comes to Christmas day. Maybe one day, I will be as adventurous as the rest of you travel fanatics, but for now, I wish you a Merry Christmas where ever you are and A Happy New Year.


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