This blog is to inform both aspiring authors and authors of the impact that technology has on how they write, how they publish and how technology has allowed interactivity between writer and reader.

The content on this site is created from research and previous knowledge of how technology has affected how I write. To ensure that this blog is both informative and somewhere people can come for peace of mind to see how what they do is changing in this digital world I will keep to the following rules:

Informative: The main purpose of this blog is to inform. Therefore, I hope to make sure that anyone reading leaves the blog feeling like they have learnt more about how technology affects writing. I will be informative by making sure that I do research and write my sources in the posts so that anyone who wants to explore further can do so.

Relatable: In order to be credible, I wish to sound relatable. Even though I am not an author myself, I am a student who has written their fair share of both creative and academic pieces. I believe that this adds to my credibility as my writing experience makes me relatable to the readers of this blog.

Friendly: It is important to me that my readers think that I am friendly as it goes with being relatable. This is because I want to come across as I know what I am talking about and that I am on the same side as my readers. It is also important as it means that they are more likely to engage with my content and read more posts.