Throughout the course of this blog, it shall focus on the Gambling industry, and the effect that digital technology has had on this worldwide industry. This blog will try to shred some light on a serious matter that often goes unnoticed, and provide information for readers who would like to understand how the Gambling market has evolved through time, and technology.

The content published on this site will always be based on facts rather than opinions, and will be information found from secondary research using the internet. All content is free to use for anyone and there is a comments section provided in this blog for social engagement, alternatively contact @TSOGambling on twitter.

Here are the four writing style rules that the blog shall adhere to:

Informative: With the use of thoroughly researched information on this matter, I aim to make the blog posts as intellectually beneficial as possible to the readers, hoping they come away with knowledge they didn’t already have. I will reference any sources and be sure to provide hyperlinks to relevant links throughout.

Interesting: I hope to make sure that the blog posts will be as interesting and exciting as possible for the readers. Whilst the blog posts will be primarily focused to inform readers on stuff they didn’t already know, I will try to find the balance in order to keep readers enticed.

Educational: I hope this blog will educate readers as much as possible. I feel the content will be full of information that isn’t necessarily common knowledge to the public, and in some cases my also be quite surprising. The aim for this blog is for readers to have a better understanding of the chosen topic.

Thought-Provoking: I feel that after reading this blog the audience will hopefully take a different thought approach towards the subject, having taken into consideration what is being said throughout the blog.