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Info that might come across as Shocking

The gambling industry hasn’t stopped evolving since it begun. The use of online gambling has also rocketed the popularity of the industry. This infographic looks at some of the interesting facts and figures collected by the Gambling Commission, mostly focusing… Continue Reading →

The House Always Wins

The associations with Gambling are usually known to be negative, but surely there must be some positives of such a colossal industry? There is. It isn’t just the bookie makers who financially prosper from the industry, the economy does too. … Continue Reading →

When is it Time to Cash Out?

The dangers that gamblers face is becoming addicted. When is the line supposed to be drawn? The well known phrase from Gamble Aware “When the FUN stops STOP” is an effective pointer for gamblers to base on. Something that originally… Continue Reading →

Bingo for Women, Poker for Men?

Gambling has an impact on such a mass scale it can’t really be measured. Online gambling has enabled people to gamble with freedom of nobody else knowing if they wish. An overall figure of how many people gamble in the… Continue Reading →

Is Gambling Inherent in Human Nature?

Gambling is almost everywhere you look now, but when did it start? It is impossible to say exactly when Gambling started, but there is evidence that dates right back to 2300BC that suggests some form of Gambling took place. “While… Continue Reading →

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