Yasmin Stefanie and The Blogosphere

Yasmin Stefanie and The Blogosphere

An interview with Yasmin Stefanie about her experiences in the blogosphere.

I met with Yasmin Stefanie to discuss all things blogosphere. The questions I’ve asked tie in with my recent blog posts so go give them a read.


We spoke about Yasmin’s experience as a blogger and what her audience is. She’s been blogging since 2015 and has a reach of up to 4,000 people. This has allowed her to work with companies like Topshop and Jack Wills. It is important tot make your blog stand out and so Yasmin blogs about one of her more unusual passions, tennis. Not many fashion and lifestyle bloggers post about this and some pretty impressive people like Judy Murray have read it. After that we discussed how Instagram and other social media sites have impacted blogging, her blogging community and the pressure to be ‘perfect’ online.

Even though Instagram has always been a thing while Yasmin’s been blogging,  it has grown and grown in importance since. Instagram is now used more than her actual blog and this and Twitter have become crucial as a promoting tool.

Yasmin discusses how even though she can recognise the pressure for augmenting her appearance and creating the ‘perfect’ life, she see’s a lot of people doing it. This recognisation of pressure has allowed her to find the balance for blogging and be the amazing blogger she is.

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