Voice and Tone

This blog is a place for bloggers to read about my experiences and for bloggers to share and comment their own. It will also be a place for people who are thinking about blogging to see what actually goes on behind the screen and ask questions if they have any.

With this in mind, I want to target this audience but also engage them. My language should be understandable and be a welcoming discussion. It will be the following:

Relatable and Informal- I will be using common slang from the blogosphere and other informal language and grammar. For example, ‘!!!” and acronyms like ‘btw’. This will make me seem more relatable and knowledgable. This informal use of language will be where appropriate and not used offensively.

Informative- Whilst this is subjective and my own experience and opinion, it will also be informative using facts and articles. This is because I want my blog to seem professional and show I know what I’m talking about.

Conversational- As this is fun and not a factual report I want my personality to come across, so my readers almost get to know me. Therefore, I’ll be using a chatty and conversational tone, making them feel involved in the discussion.

Direct- To cary on from the point above, I will use direct address so it seems like i am directly talking to the audience in an exchange. This will also be achieved through questions aiming to get people to respond.


See About Me page for more.


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