The Blogging Community

The Blogging Community

This week’s blog is about the connections we make in the blogging community but how a lot of these can be fake. I will also talk about the pressure blogging can put on you. I’ll touch upon some of the things I spoke about last week, so if you haven’t already go read last week’s blog!!

Taking Advantage and Exploitation in The Blogosphere

Last week I discussed how companies work with bloggers but exploit them, however I didn’t talk about how companies can be exploited by bloggers. Or so I should call them, influencers!

In the age of freebies and people being sent on glamorous holidays for free, more and more people are messaging companies asking for anything for free. The White Moose Café in Ireland has now completely blocked influencers from staying at their hotels.

But when you do get a company who genuinely wants your endorsement it makes you feel appreciated and like you’re doing something right. I mostly get sent things by beauty companies for my hair and skin and I always appreciate it. Plus it’s also an excellent way to build up a web of companies who you can work with and you get exposure whilst doing it.

Connecting to Your Followers

Social media and the digital world has made it easier for bloggers to connect with their fans. It’s as simple as them sliding into their favourite bloggers DM’s. Whether it’s to ask them about something they’ve written about, where they got their outfit from or to compliment them. By being able to answer follower’s questions it makes them feel more appreciated and like you genuinely care about their following . I know this from personal experience and I’m sure a lot of you have to! There’s nothing more annoying than when you ask a blogger where they got a piece of clothing from or where they take their photos and they just ignore you!!?

So, word of advice, a little reply goes a long way!

Another way bloggers reach their fans is through their Insta stories! Polls and open questions are a great way to connect. Not only does it give followers a chance to interact but bloggers can get a better insight into what their followers actually want to see. If you’re a bit stuck what to put on your blog you can ask your followers directly without having to DM them individually or read through loads of comments! Imagine?

girl taking photo of me posing
Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

The Blogging Community

I know this has been pretty negative so far so thank you for keeping up. But let’s change the tone and talk about something more positive.

Social media has made it easier for bloggers to get together for events and networking. Whether its people with similar blogs or are from the same area, getting invited to a blogging event is a lot of fun and you can grow your network and share tips. I’m part of the ‘Bournemouth Bloggers’ and have gone on events from food tasting at a restaurant to testing products at The Body Shop. It takes us so long to do anything though because we’re so busy taking pictures!!!

Let me know if you’ve been on any events and what they are!

There is also an online blogging community. You can feel like you have blogger best friends even though you’ve never met them irl. It’s hard to know whether you’d get on as well in person, but these people are often more supportive about your blogs than your actual friends.

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Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

Pressure In The Blogging Community

However, in this blogging community there’s a lot of pressure to be the best. As there are a lot of blogs out there you have to make your blog up to this standard and make it unique somehow. This means the blogosphere can become competitive.

To stay on top of your blog and keeping followers you have to take photos and post regularly. This creates a strain balancing blogging, work and student life. This means a lot of changing in cars and behind towels to get bulk photos and remembering to write down any blog ideas that pop into your brain. That would be my advice to any new blogger ‘WRITE IT DOWN’. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve thought of a great blog idea, didn’t write it down and forgot when I came to write it.


All this pressure can take the fun out of something you started as a hobby and can end up feeling more like a job. But, if you’re passionate about something and want to write about it, a blog is a great way to explore it. Plus, the pressure and effort is all worth it once your blog gets appreciated, and blogger events are pretty fun!


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Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson
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