Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram vs. Reality

Last week I briefly touched upon Instagram and reality in the blogging community but this week I’ll be talking about the truth behind the picture.

There has been a recent rise of bloggers showing the reality of a photo on Instagram. This is particularly fitness bloggers like Chessie King who is a body confidence activist. I think this is such a positive move in the blogosphere. Especially because it’s finally showing what we don’t see in the pictures that we often compare ourselves to. Don’t you agree?

The Reality

What is often spoken about less however is the reality of actually taking the Instagram picture. As I said last week, it involves a lot of standing in the cold, changing in cars and doorways or sometimes even behind towels. And you never get a good picture first time which means longer in the cold. If you do get a decent picture first try then please teach me. Photos range from being straight up horrific with chins and all, your arm or leg could be moving, hair blown in your face or they’re just completely blurry. India Moon talks about life behind the lens in detail in one of her blogs. So, if you’re looking to get into blogging or are still young at this like I am then give some of her stuff a read!


It’s very easy to make yourself look a certain way on Instagram and paint the fake reality of being happy. This is amazing for feeding our egos but also awful for our self-esteem when seeing other people’s posts. It’s important to remember this when posting blogs. It’s easy to compare yourself to other people and their lives as a blogger but sometimes it’s all for show as a way to gain an audience and companies interest.

Putting hair up into ponytail
Photo credits: Tia Hodgson

The Instagram Effect

Influencers have been known to spend hours just getting the perfect shot. Some will even go to a location like a pool or a tourist spot get a picture and leave. Then on their blogs make it seem like they spent a whole day there and have this incredible, happy life. Many influencers have been criticised for creating this ‘perfect’ lifestyle as it can be damaging for peoples mental health. This is one of the harsh realities of Instagram. I believe people should be honest with their feelings, appearance and troubles because often we’re in the same boat.


However, it is amazing being able to put outfits together, seeing them in photos and receiving praise or even them just making you feel good about yourself. It can also be a lot of fun exploring and looking for good places to shoot and is something you can do with blogger friends as a way to bond. Especially if you make a day of it, this can be a positive reality of Instagram. 

Instagram vs. Reality

Finding Your Balance

It’s important to find the balance of you time, work and blogging. It can become like a chore and cause a lack of motivation if you put too much pressure on yourself to go take photos and right blogs frequently. This can make blogging feel more like a career than a hobby which you started out for fun and to explore something you love!


I’ve noticed this the most when I’m on holiday. I’m currently in Iceland and I’m going to Budapest for New Years Eve. Whilst away I’ve felt a constant need to get a picture “for the blog” and “for the ‘gram”. Sometimes this is great fun! I love being able to go to new places and find new gorgeous backdrops for my images. But it can also be awkward and all you want to do is enjoy the sights rather than looking like the ultimate tourist. So, find the time that is best for you. And if you don’t want to take a picture in front of some famous thing in some country don’t.


Preserving precious me time and work time means saving time whilst blogging so it doesn’t become a stressor. I find taking pictures in bulk works best. So, a day where I take picture of around 4 outfits (give or take a few) and then maybe write up a rough couple of blogs that interest you. Then when you feel like they’re ready or you have time and think they are topics worth posting then post them. Don’t post something for the sake of it or because you feel you have to. If you do and it’s not your best blog you’ll more than likely lose interest from followers.

Putting hair into ponytail
Photo credit: Tia Hodgson


Since Instragram people no longer want to sit and read an 800-word blog post. They’d rather read a caption whilst scrolling through their feed, (thanks for reading this far btw). This means your topics have to interesting and well written. Don’t spread yourself too thin and look after yourself basically! Because when you find that balance blogging is great fun!

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