Instagram and Blogging: Best Friends or Enemies

Instagram and Blogging: Best Friends or Enemies

Hi everyone! I’m starting this blog to write about the good and the bad of being a blogger. You’ll hear the true reality of blogging in the age of Instagram and obsessing over followers. I’m being honest with my experiences and I hope you can share yours!

The Blogosphere

Nowadays, most people have a blog or we know someone with one. From 1999 to 2006, the amount grew from around 23 blogs to 50 million!! The trend has grown massively since then. The people who started blogs 10-15 years ago like ‘The Blonde Salad’, who in 2017, was rated the most powerful fashion influencer by Forbes, set the bar for how successful you can be from a blog. However, did these trend setters have it easy?

Before the likes of Zoella and Pointless Blog, I had never even heard of a ‘vlogger’ or being a Youtuber. I do wonder whether they’d be as successful had they made their channels now and if they would get as many endorsements.


Now, to get on to the point of my first post ‘The Generation of Being Instagrammable’, a lot of bloggers made it big before the days of Instagram were a thing. So, why do we depend on the ‘gram so much and how has it changed the way we blog?



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Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

The Generation of Being ‘Instagrammable’

When something looks good for a photo and is worthy of being posted on Instagram.

There’s now an obsession with this phenomenon of something looking a certain way to get likes, and in turn you have a good feed which people want to follow. This is something that a blog aims to do, right? You should have content which people like and want to read and the page should look professional and trendy.

Although, what constitutes a ‘blog’ has changed over recent years and many bloggers think Instagram slow demise of blogging is the cause of the . People now have an Instagram account with ‘blogger’ in the bio but don’t actually write a blog. Can you count this as a blog or just another social media account clogging up the ever-growing queue of fashion bloggers?

However, Instagram has definitely made blogging better in many ways. From promoting your blog to having a place to post your camera roll of photos and inspo. It is probably one of the best ways increase your engagement and reach along with twitter.


Me using Instagram
Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

A Cluttered Wardrobe of Fashion Bloggers

More and more people are making these ‘blogs’. Instagram is more cluttered than a fashion bloggers wardrobe. People use the ‘Personal Blog’ tag in their Instagram bio as a way to get likes and followers rather than because they use it for blogging purposes. They want the ‘Instagram model’ lifestyle where they take photos, promote products and get paid for it. Tbf, don’t we all??

This means that, due to the high frequency of fashion blogs that are out there, the quality of photos posted need to be higher and stand out from the very busy crowd. Is that such a bad thing? Yes and no I think. Better quality is always a plus but the overload means people with real talent at photography or writing get ignored and pushed aside because the number of followers you have is more important.


Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

How Come You Can Cheat? 

This is another problem with Instagram blogging. People come in and cheat and do the ‘follow unfollow’ trick. It’s hard to count the amount of times someone with thousands of followers has followed me, wanting me to follow them back and when I do they unfollow me within a day. Even though these followers are pretty much fake, these ‘bloggers’ still get more attention and endorsements than authentic bloggers with talent.

Anyone else so fed up with this?

Since the algorithm changed where posts on Instagram are no longer chronological, posts are now shown in order of what you’re most likely to engage with. This has led to people buying engagement such as likes, comments and followers. This has become the harsh reality of Instagram as a tool for bloggers or more likely influencers.

It’s so disheartening when you are being genuine and trying so hard to produce good content but people just cheat!!

Instagram Marketing

Instagram blogging does give people an opportunity to promote their blogs or even get a career out of it. People get paid for likes and the more followers you have the more likely you are to get products sent to you to review and sponsorships from companies.

Some companies take advantage of bloggers (especially those with smaller followings) for free advertising. I’m sure most of you have got THAT message from a small company asking you to buy their product, then they’ll give you a code and if enough people use it, they’ll send you free stuff (which they never do!) Don’t get me wrong, it’s very clever but I don’t want to be your Trojan Horse and not get anything out of it for my blog.

Some larger companies will comment on your blog and like it and if you’re lucky enough they will repost your pictures of you in their clothes. This is a benefit to Instagram blogging as companies can help promote your blog and add to your following.

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Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

So, BFF or Enemy?

To me, I don’t think you can call yourself a blogger if you only use your personal Instagram account and call it a blog. Bloggers have been given a platform to talk about important topics and what they love, so for some people to brand themselves a blogger undermines the effort it takes to run a blog.

On the side, Instagram is definitely a bloggers best friend. It has made blogging easier to do; from reaching fans, to posting extra pictures you like, and especially promoting your blog. It’s effective at keeping fans engaged when you don’t have time to write blog posts every day. Plus, you can write a caption on the go and use it as a sort of mini blog.

So, do we think Instagram is killing blogging or could it be its BFF?


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