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Welcome to Behind The Blog. I stared blogging in the beginning of May 2018. So, yes I am still quite new at this, but in that time I’ve learnt and experienced a lot in the blogging world. Originally, I started my blog as I wanted to talk about topics I love and explore the latest trends but I’ve started this one to share my experiences. I love blogging and I love being able to network with other bloggers and often find myself inspired. Whilst focusing on how the digital world has impacted blogging, especially the bitter sweet use of Instagram, I’ll be giving you an insight into the life of blogger, all the not so gory details and the pros and the cons.

Hopefully you can share with me any experiences you’ve had as a blogger or if you have any questions about becoming a blogger, feel free to ask. Don’t forget to follow my twitter (below).



Twitter: @behind_theblog

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