Video Games and their Influence on Society

Video Games and their Influence on Society

The popularity of video games has dramatically increased in recent years and in turn so has its influence on society. When you look back at ‘old school’ consoles such as the GameCube and Sega Megadrive in comparison to modern consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, it’s interesting to see how the industry has developed over the years. Video games even surpass the standard games console as technology has developed to the point where some console games are even accessible on mobile phones, allowing for gaming on the go.

I have been inspired to create an infographic summarizing all my previous blog posts to promote and make others aware of the impact that video games can potentially have on our society. I believe people should have a better understanding of video games and how they really effect us. Essentially, I aim to shed light on the misconceptions many people have concerning video games.



Despite the negatives, despite the criticisms, it is my strong belief that video games are NOT a hindrance to society, rather a genuine form of escapism that provide sheer enjoyment for players.

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