Voice & Tone


This blog will explore the impact of modern digital technology on Travel and the Travel Industry as well as providing an entertaining commentary on everything travel based. The Penniless Traveller blog is designed to be informative, entertaining as well as portraying the realities and impact that digital technology is having on travel.

The content of the blog is based on personal opinion (influenced by research and facts) whilst remaining as objective as possible. The blog aims to encourage engagement and debate so comments will be checked and replied to on a regular basis.


The Key Writing Styles Of ‘The Penniless Traveller’:

Informal/ Jovial – By using informal/ colloquial language I intend to create a relaxed and casual tone throughout the blog. By doing this I hope that the blog can be accessed by anyone and guarantees an easy read. Sarcasm will laced into the blog posts yet it will not overpower the other writing styles included in the blog.

Genuine and Relatable РMy writing style will also be genuine, I want to avoid taking on a different persona or belief system, all work will be authentic (unless hyperlinked or explained otherwise). By using personal experiences in the blog posts as well will make the reliability of the content a lot higher. I will also lead with honesty yet at the same time will try to remain as objective as possible whilst exploring by sides (if applicable)

Informative, Enlightening and Revealing – Although the writing styles will be consistent, in some of my blog posts informative and revealing styles may weigh heavier. This is because the topics may be more serious compared to other blog posts. Informative blogs aim to educate readers as well as revealing the realities of the topic in discussion. Informative blog posts may also include more hyperlinks purely for educational reasons so readers can study the topic further.