What is dating online really like for those in the LGBTQ+ community? Has it really had a positive impact or is there a side we are not shown?

The LGBTQ+ community is ever growing, a group which cannot be given a number. Although first recognised as LGBT the Q has since been added representing “queer”, as not everyone can put them self in a box (click here for more terms). It was not until 1990 when equality was given to those part of LGBTQ+. However, for some there is still a struggle. Despite this for many there have been many more benefits than negatives.

How digitalization has helped improved travel agencies


For traditional travel agents it is either get online and face the frenzy or get left behind. The Information Age proves to be advantageous to the travel agent in communicating and strengthening clientele relationships. But like a flip side of a coin it can be a burden. Destination goers continue to challenge travel agencies by seeking their own routes through online booking giants AirBNB.

So I have done enough posts on online dating, now I am going to do a post on online dating vs. real life dating. What one is essentially better for you to find love?


Lets start with online dating. Most peoples have had mixed views with online dating, some good and some awful.  There is so much new technology out there for us to online date; we should take full advantage of it. To help you decide I am going to give you the pros and cons of online dating.