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VAR: Premier League Finally Accepts New Technology

DREAM OR DISASTER? This article explores the news that the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system is set to be introduced into full practice for the 2019/20 English top flight season. 

Celebrating bisexuality or how to get involved in #BiVisibilityDay

Hello all, welcome to yet another blog post! This week’s blog post includes discussion on #BiVisibilityDay and how to get involved! I am sure you all wish to know a lil bit of context behind it. Well, from doing my… Continue Reading →

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Way We Travel

In a world where digital communication is growing into constantly new shapes, it is hard to imagine a time when browsing Instagram for a few holiday ‘inspos’ wasn’t an option. Millennials being the top users of social media are transforming… Continue Reading →

Netflix and Thrill?

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everybody had a great Christmas and spent time with their families and friends! I might have drank a bit too much but hey, that is what Christmas is all about! If you are… Continue Reading →


Image source: 3 photos from Pexels edited together The Oxford dictionary describes ‘Catfishing’ as: “luring (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona” and this is something which has increased with online dating. Not only is this… Continue Reading →

Analog esthetic: Why does analogue still popular in a digital world?

In digital society, the existence of cameras is now a very important device for people. In fact, there were already cell phones with built-in cameras even before smartphones were introduced, but now the camera has gone beyond the function of… Continue Reading →

Why becoming vegan should NOT be a Pledge of perfection

For a lot of people, becoming vegan stems from the intention to do good. However, in this day and age with the growth of the internet and social comparison over social media sites, I question If we have become unable… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Pugs:

Man’s best best friend

It is the author’s intention here to convince you of Pug’s unassailable position as the best dog breed. This is a controversial statement to make of course and as such this essay will use a combination of rigorously sourced and… Continue Reading →


Eating is now deemed as a social activity. I mean, what’s one thing we all as individuals have in common?? WE ALL LOVE FOOD! The internet is full of food! Thanks to social media, in particular Instagram there are now… Continue Reading →

The B in LGBT stands for bees – or 3 bisexuality myths debunked

Hello and welcome to my first blog post, my fellow readers and 2 am Google browsers. Hope you all are well! In this blog post, I am going to be chatting about the common bisexuality myths that could be easily… Continue Reading →

Your Planet, your choice !

There are many reasons why you might consider going vegan. Firstly, let’s talk about facts! 1)The UN recently declared that we only have 12 years to fix climate change. 2) Animal agriculture (farming of animals) is responsible for ‘64% of… Continue Reading →


Facebook being one of the original uses of social media with 42 million people using it in the UK alone, is great for making connections, you make new friends, you can even speak to people you haven’t spoken to in… Continue Reading →

EA, FIFA and it’s relationship with it’s fans

EA has always had a rocky time dealing with the (often fair) criticism from its RIDICULOUSLY huge fanbase. Not to say it hasn’t dealt with most of the situations terribly, but it has occasionally given community interaction a go every… Continue Reading →


I am happy to finally share with you my first blog post using the results I got from you from my Twitter poll! The BIG question I am aiming to answer is…


Instagram is definitely a big topic of conversation when it comes to the digital impact on relationships. A whopping estimate of 24 million people in the UK use Instagram, overall this is 42% of the UK’s population which if I… Continue Reading →


As of late 2018 the number of people that use snapchat in the UK was 16.2 million. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, especially in the younger generation. Snapchat used to mean that you could take… Continue Reading →


This post I believe is a bit more positive than my first post when it comes to the impact it has on young people’s relationships. FaceTime was released in 2010 and is an Audio/Video calling service that was created by… Continue Reading →


In my first post I am going to be tackling the impact that tinder has on relationships in modern society. Many of you will be familiar with tinder, whether you’re currently using it, previously used it, know someone using it… Continue Reading →


     Hello all, my name is Alyssia Carroll. I am 21 years young and study at Bournemouth University. I decided to create this blog as the topic of mental health is very relevant in this day and age. It… Continue Reading →


I am currently at university studying communication and media and with this blog I am hoping to give an insight into the digital impact on relationships. I believe this is an important topic that I will be researching and communicating… Continue Reading →

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