Voice & Tone

I designed this blog to raise awareness of the changes in the property market as a consequence of the impact digital technology has had on the industry. The aim is to deliver high-quality content in a credible but relatable manner. I won’t skip the facts and figures, but I will always consider the thoughts of the reader and cater to all levels knowledge on the topic! Furthermore, discussion is encouraged on this site and my Twitter profile.

To achieve this, I will apply the following techniques:

  1. Engagement – By asking questions and providing the audience with hyperlinks, the reader will feel more involved with the content and encouraged to think critically.
  2. Enthusiasm – People often deem the property market as a “mundane” topic. So, I will present ideas in an enthusiastic manner to keep the reader excited about the role of technology!
  3. Colloquial – To keep the readers engaged they need to understand what is being talked about. I will check and re-check my blogs in order to ensure ease of reading. This will enable the readers to relate and acknowledge that the topic affects and should concern them.
  4. Informative – I want the reader to learn about topics they hadn’t heard of before. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have accumulated my knowledge through hours of research. I will give credit to my sources and attribute images accordingly. This will encourage the reader to conduct their own research and hopefully ignite a new interest.