Short Placement

Everyday at Scape starts with a bang, and I mean the loud noise of the alarm as my manager opens the door to no. 7 Westbourne Arcade at exactly 9:30 every morning! As soon as I got in, I had 30 seconds to turn the alarm off, or else the whole town would find out about the shop, but not in the friendliest of terms. As soon as the alarm was off, the morning became a race between myself and the customers. I had to set up the shop before the customers started to arrive. This was definitely the most stressful part of my day, but the most rewarding. It was extremely satisfying to look at the setup or receive compliments throughout the day! I set up the outside of the shop to look visually appealing to customers, in order to spark curiosity and interest. A little like this…

No.7 Westbourne Arcade

This process took around 40 minutes, and after this I’d play some music, usually jazz, and wait till the customers came in! During this time, I’d check Scape’s social media, especially Twitter where I monitored the journalism requests in case something came up that I could contribute to! To achieve this, I searched the hashtags #journorequest and #prrequest.

My day consisted of working to help customers, and also working on my own projects for the company, such as editing the website for a better user experience. I really enjoyed this style of work as it meant I could talk to customers or help around the shop when I needed a break from the website work. 

I tried to get most of my work done before my lunch break, but sometimes I had unexpected tasks! This particular day had me facing 20 boxes of deliveries! As I unpacked the boxes I also had to price the items, and find somewhere to display them in the shop! Another day I had an unexpected task was my colleague’s last day, To prank her, my manager brought silly string and we sprayed it on her. However, It ended up getting in the walls and furniture so I had to go clean that up. It was truly fun while it lasted, but I spend the rest of the day trying to get the stains off!

During my lunch break, I always went to Starbucks, where I got a peach iced tea to ease the hot summer temperatures. After my lunch break, I always cam back to my manager as she had to cover for me whilst I was gone. This was one of my favourite parts of the days as we would share stories or talk about new ideas for the company. Then, I was left to work on my own like in the morning until 4 p.m. At 4, I had my daily training session. The day I’m recalling I was taught how to build rapport with customers as a sales technique. This lasted for an hour until 5 p.m. After this, I would go back to the shop, pack up, cash up, and set the alarm to leave everything ready for the next day!