About Virtual Estate


If you stumbled upon my blog through my Twitter account, a google search, or any other way: Welcome!

As a second-year student at Bournemouth University, my task was to create a blog about “The Digital Impact on ______” and as a very frequent watcher of Grand Designs, and Bang on Budget, I chose the digital impact on the UK’s property market. To come up with an appropriate name, I substituted  “real” for “virtual” in “Real Estate”.

It is a popular misconception that the property market is “immune” to the development of technology and that it has remained traditional, but that is far from the truth. After all, if this was the case then the property market would’ve become mundane.

No, I am not an expert! However, I have done extensive research on the topic and will provide links for further reading throughout my blog. I recommend keeping up with my twitter page as I will also “retweet” content that is related to this topic! I will also give the correct attribution to images taken from other sites.

 Not many people are educated about how the property market works and how technology is affecting it. It is too often that I hear people say: “I can’t believe we weren’t taught that in school!”. Therefore, I aim to provide a platform where people of all ages are welcome to engage with this topic that undoubtedly affects everyone.

I will deliver information using my creativity and understanding of the topic. Needless to say, all opinions are my own and I encourage discussion in the comments section or through Twitter!

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