Can the Internet Nullify Islamophobia?

Protester against Racism, Islamophobia and War

Social Media Improvements

As mentioned in the last post, Twitter has made vast strides in making their platform a difficult place to promote terrorism. However, Facebook needs to make improvements.

The main reason for this is because of an algorithm. Instead of pro-actively taking down terrorist accounts like Twitter, Facebook has actually been promoting and aiding extremist activity. 

The algorithm is designed to put those with shared interests and common values in touch with one another, through the ‘Suggested Friends’ feature. As a result, accounts linked with terrorist activity have been suggested to other terrorist accounts.

Accounts spanning the Middle East, representing different extremist organisations have been put into contact with one another. These accounts can exploit this algorithm due to ineffective regulatory checks on what is posted.

This means that extremist supporters and sympathisers can be easily identified, and propaganda can be targeted to those accounts. By encouraging this support for terrorism, organisations such as ISIS will have more support.

If support for terrorism is more present, Islamophobia will naturally be more of an issue – as fear levels rise. It seems that the more that is done to prevent extremism, the smaller the issue of Islamophobia becomes.


Fake News

Syrian refugee bullied in Huddersfield, posted on Facebook, huge social outcry for justice, EDL breezed that entire article, fake news is a big issue in the beliefs of certain groups, more checks necessary.


Facebook suggested friends needs tweaking, introducing terrorists to one another

Derogatory Articles