Voice & Tone

Voice & Tone

The following has been designed to explain and highlight how modern digital technology has affected feminism. Here I will further investigate the consequences and benefits the digital impact has had so far.

Below I summarise my writing style:


Despite this being a still-controversial topic, IĀ intend to lighten the sometimes heavy topic with witty dry humour and an incredulous tone of voice. In doing so, this blog will not only offer information but should also provide some vague form of entertainment.


Despite my humorous tone that I intend to carry throughout my blog, I care very deeply about feminism itself and therefore promise to be delicate when addressing more of the sensitive issues still affected by the movement.

Subjective but Fact-based

It is without a doubt that my own personal bias will be shown as I write. However, my intentions are to first delve into the facts in order to inform you, the audience, before explaining what I draw from this personally from my own experience as a woman.


One of my ulterior motives for this blog is to voice my critique on how we have let digital technology impact feminism so far and also recommend how it can be used to our advantage in the future to further progress the movement.


Furthermore, I will frequently observe and respond to any added comments from my audience and I would like to reaffirm that anyone with any or no political views can read this, you do not need to be a feminist.