The Blog

So, you want to know what this blog will cover so you don’t waste your valuable time?


This blog is for feminists, non-feminists and those too afraid to use the word for anything but an insult. Essentially, anyone can read it. My intentions are to educate anyone who cares enough on how much the digital age has impacted the sociopolitical movement of feminism.


I’ll admit, being a feminist myself I have my bias. Nonetheless, I promise that I’ll only be commenting my opinion on real factual evidence or personal experiences. That being said, I hope to provide an insight into what we women face on a day to day basis. As well as advise my male readers on how they can lend a hand to my half of the population.  

About Me

My name is Marni Scott.

Now, as a nineteen-year-old white girl, I really haven’t faced too many struggles. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t support other men and women in worse positions than myself or stand up against the few issues I face.

So without further ado, I hope my blog provides you with a vague sense of entertainment or at least a few fun facts.

Or if you find yourself a fan of my work, go ahead and check out my  Twitter @feminist_tired.