Hi there! I’m Lauren – a second year Bournemouth University student studying Communication & Media.

I’m sure you’re sat thinking “she’s young, online dating is for people like her!” or even thinking “she must online date herself!” but no. Even at only 20 years old I’m unsure about the whole concept. Is it safe? Is it real? Why do so many people do it? It’s safe to say I’m sceptical.

This blog looks at concepts exactly like this. It explores the way that the digital age has influenced the dating lives of so many people globally and assesses whether the impact is a positive or negative one. The comparison of ‘old-fashioned’ versus online dating is one which really fascinates me. Plus, as a milennial, I’ve grown up absolutely surrounded by digital technologies of some sort so it’s interesting to see the effect this has had!

If you want to find out the advantages and dangers of dating since the digital age then this is the place for you. FYI… there are new posts every 6 days!

Happy reading!