Voice and Tone

Informative – I will be aiming to post on this blog twice per week to ensure my readers are engaged and they are not waiting overly long when receiving the next one. Also I intend to make each post interesting and somewhat comforting too for the readers.

Instructional –  I aim to make this blog helpful and resourceful, due to posts helping younger people with body image, the dangers of social media in general and also fitness. It will offer solutions about how to overcome the fears in which social media bring in terms of fitness and body image too.

Authentic – I am certainly not a professional when it comes to fitness and I do struggle with body image myself. However, I am someone who is on a journey relating to these subjects and can give advice that I have learnt along the way.

Straightforward – This blog is aimed at specifically younger people who first of all want to be happy within themselves, but also understanding fitness is important to a healthy lifestyle AND mind. Also who may be struggling with the stigma that you should look a certain way due to social media platforms.