The Ultimate Guide to Fitness on Television

Welcome to the ULTIMATE guide to fitness on TV! From reality stars… like Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby to The Apprentice 2018 winner Camilla Ainsworth, everyone is really getting into having/wanting a more healthy lifestyle and we are here for it! Let’s talk about how Charlotte Crosby’s ‘3 Minute Belly Blitz’ is the best selling British fitness DVD ever! It allegedly sold over half a million copies overtaking Davina McCalls… crazy. Personally, I feel Social Media had a definite impact in her success, due to her being a reality star who’s clearly popular on IG ect… the power of the Internet ay!

The Apprentice winner Camilla, a former Law student who brought out a company called MYLKPLUS Limited which is essentially a nut milk retailer and manufacturer.. At just 22 she is the youngest contestant and finalist EVER… i guess she ditched the books because she is ‘nuts about nuts’ !

Her brand is essentially a dairy free alternative to milk for people that perhaps have a dairy free diet due to allergies or life decisions. Camilla herself found out she was allergic to milk whilst she was in Australia getting her Visa by doing farm work, her skin produced a rash and that was the beginning of her a thousand pound idea… I guess you could say and the rest was history, it’s nuts!

A healthy lifestyle is everywhere! All over our screens and it’s not just Social Media that has an impact, everyday TV too! From fitness Guides to healthy food/drink alternatives, our era and generation is expanding and growing in terms of getting fit.. Quickly. In terms of young people, Charlotte Crosby, being a reality star obviously makes her extremely popular with the younger generation therefore she most likely will be impacting younger girls to get her DVD.

After digging around the internet for some reviews, I found a most interesting case! Stacey Burton, a normal 18 year old girl from Kent, raved about the DVD, and claims she will use it for the rest of her life. Also, when researching the Amazon reviews, 75% of them were 5 stars! Rose Jones claimed, “I’m a big lass, size 24, and it was a pleasant surprise to buy this dvd and find it wasn’t simply a chance for Charlotte to ponce about in a bikini. She works in this. Another massive advantage was though the warm up does not have a beginner version the main work out does, 2 trainers talk each section through and the breaks while they are talking are good to get my breath back.” Amazing right? From going from a reality star to a fitness inspiration, Charlotte should be proud! Maybe you really can look like your favourite reality tv star!

http://check out the reviews here!

Furthermore, when looking at the reviews for MYLKPLUS, their Facebook page is full of positive reviews, such as, Olivia wrote on the site, “The most amazing milk alternative!!! I usually hate milk alternatives but this is one of the only things I would happily drink every day. Millie is so sweet and helpful too.. 100% recommend” … Wowza Camilla! Lord Sugar really made the right choice choosing your delicious nuts 😉 !

Check out the Facebook Page!

Health is wealth so lets all get in shape TODAY!

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