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Right, let’s talk more about the positive and negatives about Social Media influencers/Youtubers! Globally there are thousands.. If not millions of instafamous women who promote clothes, brands, fitness… the list is endless. Lets focus on GraceFitUK for example, as previously mentioned in one of my other blogs, she is a vegan fitness fanatic on IG who is passionate about staying in shape and eating well. On top of this she owns a fitness business that sell her guides to getting fit and also sells fitness equipment. On top of that, GraceFitUK does all of this whilst studying at Oxford University.. Yikes.


I think GraceFitUK has more of a positive impact on young girls regarding fitness, although she is juggling a lot in terms of Uni and a business, which to some may seem like an impossible workload/extremely exhausting… I feel as though this is inspiring for young girls to get in shape but in a realistic way. Grace has made many videos on her fitness journey and all the different diets she went on just to find out they didn’t work. Personally, I’ve done the same – gone through many different diets just to find out they aren’t realistic/don’t last long term. I bet you have too! Meaning Grace is relatable to any young girl wanting to lose weight or just tone up.

She isn’t hesitate when uploading before and after images which is almost reassurance for girls and boys to know that a body transformation doesn’t just happen overnight. She is also extremely passionate about what she puts into her body, making veganism seem less faff and more adventurous. She includes cheap, quick, vegan recipes on her Youtube channel.. Makes you kinda wanna go vegan doesn’t it?! Hm.. maybe not but sounds tempting!

Following realistic IG girls will make you not only feel less insecure but also motivate you to better yourself and know that it takes time! Success takes time… whether that be work related, school related, fitness related. The main point is, don’t underestimate yourself, you can become who you want to become and never compare yourself to girls you see online, simply use them as sources of encouragement or drive. You can do anything once you set your mind to it and more importantly, if you want it enough!


Here’s some motivational tips to help you girls!


  1. Write your end result goals down! This will help you when you feel a little lost along the way…
  2. Don’t forget that everyone has down days, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means you are on your way to great success!
  3. Make it a pleasure… learn to enjoy working out or whatever it may be!
  4. Reward yourself! Everyone deserves to treat themselves for hard work, have a bar of choc or buy that pair of shoes!
  5. Always try and be positive, as the saying goes.. A positive mind is a positive life
  6. Things take time. Patience is key!


I think it’s important to remember we are all human and although insta causes a lot of controversy when it comes to young people’s mental health, it’s not real. Everyone on the gram feels the same from time to time and if it’s having an extremely negative effect on you there is always a ‘delete’ button. Once you change your mindset and view social media as more fun or perhaps motivational, it will so much happier.


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