Looking at the bigger picture…literally

OK so believe it or not but someones insta feed is NOT their reality. Let’s look at the bigger picture here… No one is going to post a selfie when they have just thrown up or post when they are having a really bad day, it’s the highlights of someones life and behind closed doors it isn’t always perfect. There are many many mental health issues that come with Instagram, your mental health can be affected by social media massively, first of all, self esteem. Everyone has insecurities but when using Instagram there is a constant comparison. No one should be reminded everyday why they don’t look a certain way or why they don’t have a certain amount of possessions. It is normal for humans to feel insecure occasionally but not an everyday reminder. Not only this but Instagram is a platform based off of opinions, how many likes you get or how many people approve of your post – this is where my next point comes in… depression and anxiety. A survey that was carried out early in 2018 which suggested that 34% of generation Z said that they were permanently quitting social media and 64% were ‘taking a break’ according to new research from Origin, Hill Holliday’s in-house research arm. When breaking down these results, 35% said that they are leaving social media due to too much negativity, 41% said they were wasting too much time on it, 18% said it is now too commercialised and 17% said it made them feel bad about themselves. The survey was completed by 1000 18-24 year olds across the US and it was discovered that 41% found that sites such as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook made them depressed, anxious or sad.


Furthermore… another factor could be human interaction, well in this case, lack of human interaction. As human beings it’s important we interact with others to gain knowledge, endure people skills and it just is an everyday life occurrence. Being constantly glued to your phone all the time will get in the way of interacting with people in real life.. Kind of like a human interacting c*ck-block LOL.


Anyway… the whole point of all this is letting you know that really and truly in the grand scheme of things WHY are we letting this affect our day to day lives so much! Its an app on our phone that can be deleted or put down at any point in time… we live in the real world believe it or not so let’s all for a second look at the bigger picture (literally). What someone posts is not a true reflection of their entire being but only a highlight. It’s important as humans to put down our phone and live in the moment. Try and see the good in social media and perhaps instead of comparing yourself to a fitness fanatic – learn from them! Go for a walk or go to the gym, even if it is for only 20 minutes… you’ll feel so much better about yourself for it.


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