Voice & Tone

This blog is designed as a formal provider of information. We aim to look at the changing ways of music distribution due to the digital age. We aim to look at aspects that people may not be aware of or would simply like some more information on the subject.

The content of this site is based on facts and is not influenced by personal opinions. While different arguments will be conveyed, these allow the audience to reflect upon the facts that are provided. All the information that is used is open-sourced and can be found elsewhere on the internet. However, some information that this site relays has been simplified so that the audience can gain an understanding of the changing dynamics of music distribution.

In saying this, this blog will follow four simple rules in the form of FIRE:

  1. Friendly: While the site conveys a strict formality to it, we don’t want the formality to strike as intimidating or patronising. In demonstrating a friendly tone, we are placing ourselves as a part of the audience. We want them to feel like they are a part of the blog.
  2. Informative: The site aims to inform on the changing dynamics of music distribution due to the digital age. Allowing ourselves to strike an informative tone connects ourselves as a source that people can turn to for help.
  3. Reliability: We strive to make sure that our sources are 100% reliable so that we are not giving false information to our audience.
  4. Enticing: Our audience should be enticed to the information that we are providing. The audience should not be disinterested while reading what our site has to offer.