Voice and Tone

This site has been created to educate on the subject of fan culture and fandom in the digital age: it will cover explanations and discussions on fans and fandoms in an educational way and provide specific examples from the author’s own experience with a light-hearted tone.

The content on this site will be factual and educational, however, humour will be used to help elaborate on points and make the content easily digestible and enjoyable. All resources used to find information published will be included within posts as simply-followed references, or hyperlinks. All comments will be moderated and all non-spam comments will be replied to in a timely and friendly manner in the interest of continuing educational conversation.

The writing style and tone of voice will, therefore, follow the following guidelines:

It will be educational 

The purpose of this site is to educate and expand knowledge and discussion on the topics mentioned. Therefore, each post will surround itself with knowledge and facts, as well as include references to any texts used to create them.

It will be accessible

The language used throughout the site will be clear and concise, with any keywords defined within the text or in the glossary provided. Often in education, texts aim to confuse and only address those at the highest level of brain power: here that won’t be the case. Anyone and everyone should be able to follow the topics written about.

It will be lighthearted

There is no point in learning if it is not enjoyable. If learning is not enjoyable, it is wasted. So each post on this site will include humour, make references to pop culture and fandom from my own experience, and may even poke fun at fan culture once in a while.

It will be conversational

While educational, this blog aims to start a conversation with any readers. If you’re reading this and don’t understand what’s said, ask us in a comment! If you want to include a fact or point we may have missed, or even have an opinion that differs to ours or any of the theorists mentioned throughout this site, then feel free to engage and we can discuss it. One of the best ways to learn is to expand your knowledge through different viewpoints, and this blog should be a place of healthy and educational discussion around the topic of fan culture.