Voice & Tone

As you know language is not fixed. It is always evolving and there are many factors responsible for the transformation of language, one of them being technology. Therefore, this blog has been designed to examine the impact of digital technology in languages.

In this blog, I will discuss the language change due to the emergence of technology, the effect of texting in grammar and spelling, the supremacy of English on the internet, the popularity of other languages and the increased popularity of language learning apps.

Bearing this in mind, my content will stick to these four rules:

  1. Informative: Everything that will be discussed here will be supported with credible sources. In fact, all blog posts will have hyperlinks so that you can learn more in-depth about this topic and to ensure trustworthiness.
  2. Straightforward: All the information shared in this blog will be written succinctly so that you can easily understand and retain what I am trying to convey. I will use direct language and avoid using long sentences and difficult words.
  3. Playful: In all my blog posts you will find words written in other languages and their translation to English. Therefore, besides learning more about the topic of my blog you will also get to learn foreign words. 
  4. Impartial: my writing will be neutral and objective. Even if I give my opinion about an aspect I will always make sure to consider other points of views.