Hi there and welcome to The Digital Linguist!

My name is Jesika Gomes and I am currently studying Communication and Media at Bournemouth University. My passion for languages started when I was a kid. Since then I kept adventuring and challenging myself in learning new languages.

As an individual who lives in a Digital Era and is surrounded by high-tech everywhere, I’ve developed an interest in understanding how digital technology has affected languages.

Languages I speak:

  • Spanish: Spanish is my mother tongue. Unfortunately, after moving to Portugal at the age of three I forgot some words. Luckily, my parents still speak in Spanish at home and through language learning apps and music I haven’t completely lost fluency in this language.
  • Portuguese: Portuguese is the language I’m most comfortable with because I spent all my school years in Portugal. Consequently, I was obliged¬†to speak and write Portuguese all the time. Nowadays, it is still the language I speak the most even though I am living and studying in England.
  • English: I started learning English at the age of seven in school. It was probably the most challenging language I have ever come across due to the pronunciation. There were times where I thought that English was not for me but with patience and effort I was able to improve. Today, I consider English the second language I’m most confident in.
  • French: I also learnt French at school. As opposed to English, I didn’t find French to be very difficult because I could find similarities between Portuguese and Spanish. In my opinion, the French accent is magnifique! (English translation: incredible/amazing).
  • Korean: Korean is the language I am currently learning by myself. This is the first time I am learning a language only through apps and music and without the help of any professional. So far it has been an exciting experience!

If digital technology and languages is a topic that sparks interest in you, blog posts will be published every Monday at 6 pm.

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