A Day in the Life of a Social Media Assistant at Student Works

Student Works

At the beginning of the Summer, I started my short placement at Student Works as a Social Media Assistant. Student Works is an education agency located in Bournemouth and its main aim is to attract international students to the United Kingdom. As an international student myself, I was more than happy to guide and help them with any enquiries!

Here’s how my day at Student Works looked like:

Starting at 9 am

Since I’m an early bird, waking up at 9 am was not a problem for me whatsoever. The first hour of work consisted of focusing on administration tasks such as answering emails and making calls. Once everything was done, I would log onto social media and answer any messages with enquiries from international students.

Increasing activity on social media

After all the enquiries had been dealt with, I would share the services provided by Student Works online. We used as many social media networking platforms as we could to promote our services . For each day, we had a particular service that we would focus on. Usually, on Mondays, I would post about the accommodation we had available in Bournemouth and on Thursdays, I would share the cheap deals we offered for UK trips in partnership with UK Study Tours. For the other days of the week, I would post about English Language courses, Internships, Higher Education and Work Programmes.

I would also take the time to like and comment on other accounts. By doing this every day, I realised how important it is to increase activity on social media in order to reach a bigger audience. In fact, at the end of the day, I would always receive new messages from students interested in our services.

Designing content & filming videos

This was definitely my favourite part of the day! To design content, I would use Canva and Pixlr X. I enjoyed choosing pictures and picking colours and fonts that would make the content more eye-catching and appealing to our audience. Although I sometimes had to follow the design standards of the company, I still had the opportunity to be creative. Indeed, this was a moment that allowed my creativity to flow.

Designing content on Canva

I also filmed short videos for social media with other interns in which we promoted the company’s services and then we would add English subtitles on Kapwing.

Videos with subtitles
Adding subtitles to a video on Kapwing

Writing a blog post

All the previous interns at Student Works had to write a blog post on the company’s website and I, of course, was not an exception. I wanted my blog post to be relatable for international students who were interested in coming to the UK. Most of them have many questions about how it is like to live in the UK and so I tried my best to answer them through my own personal experience.  In my blog post, I wrote about finding accommodation, applying to university and doing a placement.

Blog Post
My Blog Post

Using different languages to create content

What I really liked about this placement was speaking and writing in different languages. I am passionate about learning new languages. Thus, being able to put into practise my language skills, as well as the theory I learnt at university, was the best of both worlds!

Painted flags at the office

As you can see from this blog post, my placement consisted mainly on creating content online and since the main target audience of Student Works were international students, I not only had to create content in English but also in Portuguese and Spanish which are the languages I’m fluent in.

Designing content in Portuguese

Planning the next day

At the end of the day, I would plan on Google calendar what I had to do the next day. This was essential for me because I could organise my days and prioritise the tasks that were more important. 

Overall, this short placement allowed me to make new friends, expand my knowledge and improve employability skills that are much appreciated in the job market. After this opportunity at Student Works, I feel more confident in myself and enthusiastic about what the future holds!

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