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Vanity of social media in relationships


We live in a world where we are surrounded by technology and most of us depend on it for everyday use. Although there is many perks of the constant growth of technology it has affected our relationships.

The vanity of ‘couple goals’.

Roisin Quinn and her Boyfriend  Mason Taylor enjoying a holiday together while still posting a 'couple goal' photo on her instagram.
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The world is so focused on social media, how can we even begin to imagine a world without it.  In the article Social Media May Be Killing Your Relationship. Here’s Why , its describes the flaws social media have on our relationships.  Social media is all for show especially when people want to show off their ‘perfect’ couple selfie’s, the articles describes how “significant work that goes on behind the scenes when you take the perfect couples’ picture for social. These images don’t just happen… so when, in this process, are you really spending time with your partner?”.  We spend so much time obsessing to create the perfect image to the world but fail to maintain the perfect relationship.  It’s argued that the Internet is used to create a ‘better’ version of our selves. But is it really a better version of yourself or instead a false representation of your true self. Can we rely on social media to show us the truth? The perfect couple you have seen on Instagram with a heart filled caption about their love for one another, do they really have this flawless relationship or is it all for the likes on social media. “Some experts believe the pressure to post the “right” relationship photo makes it difficult to be present for our partners and live in the moment.”. If we are so focused on the ideal relationship mask we miss out on those sentimental moments that no picture can ever capture.

Insecurities of ‘couple photos’.

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Social media builds up such expectations, following on from all these ‘couple goal’ photos it makes us feel insecure in our own relationship if we are not shown off on our partner’s social media. Are you even in a relationship if you’re not in your partner’s bio on instagram? Or their profile picture on Facebook isn’t a picture of you and them? Sadly these common questions cross couples minds on a daily basis as we live in a society where its essential to be put on each others social media accounts. People even get so paranoid if their partner isn’t posting about them and if you use digital technology to further your research on this it only adds to your paranoia for example an articled published about“ Social Media Habits That Could Mean Your Partner’s Cheating”. Number five is if  “They Stop Posting Couple Photos”. This ridiculous statement is one of the many reasons how social media can damage your relationships. Society is resulting to watching their own partner’s social media activity to detect whether they are cheating or not. Another example is social media, a tweet from twitter demonstrates it , as “Corbinnator” says surely you would want to show off your partner wouldn’t you?

However some people are still slightly sane in the world, the article written by elite daily called “If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Never Posts Pictures Of You On Instagram, Here’s How To Ask Them To Do It” highlights the reason why your partner might not have put you on their social media, starting with “1. Asking yourself why you want this so badly”. It goes on to justify to how it could just be our own securities about wanting to be put on our partner’s social media. It although is still ridiculous it does however put across the idea that we should just simply ask our partner rather than come up insane theories to as why they haven’t like cheating on you or uninterested.


Although I do believe there is no need to be put on your partners social media for you to be in a happy relationships, I can appreciate it is also nice to be shown off. I think its good to keep a balance and capture moments with a picture but also make sure we are living in the moment. So to help you I have come up with 5 top tips to help with the crazy accusations and theories of social media and your relationships.

Top Tips 

  1.  Create memories- In life you need to have fun we only live once, creating amazing memories with your loved ones don’t worry about showing these memories to others of course capture them but do not lose the moment.
  2. Trust- Trust your relationship and go with it. If you keep getting paranoid trust me you will only push your loved one away.
  3. Do not compare – Do not compare your relationship to others or what its on social media, everyone is different and so is every relationship.
  4. Be honest – Be honest with your partner if you want to be on their social media or take more cute couple photos. Tell them! I can’t stress enough how true it is when people say honestly is the best policy.
  5. Love – Do not get caught up in keeping up an appearance on social media. Make sure you love hard, love your relationship and love yourself!

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