Hello and welcome to yet another blog post! In today’s blog post, I am going to be talking about the bisexual acting icon Stephanie Beatriz, from the show Brooklyn Nine- Nine and what impact did her various coming outs online made not only on me, but also the wider digital bi community.

As a bisexual that enjoys taking part in that sweet sweet TV show binge watching culture, I can say that I have rewatched the show Brooklyn Nine- Nine. I can further confirm that the character of Rosa (played by Stephanie Beatriz herself), is by far my favourite character in the show, and a bit of an inspiration for me. Yes she’s badass, yes she’s strong and independent and yes, she’s bisexual.

But she’s just a character, right? In the make believe world of television, the producers of the show can script her character to be whatever they want her to be. Despite being a staple of larger bisexual awareness in TV shows, what sort of impact does Stephanie Beatriz – the actress behind the character have on the bisexual community?

Lots, ladies and gentlemen, lots. Because Stephanie Beatriz is probably more badass than the character she plays on Brooklyn Nine – Nine.

And also bisexual, which was revealed by her in 2016, on Twitter. After her comment of  ‘Yup’ when replying to fellow actresses’ Audrey Plaza’s coming out as bisexual, according to LGBTQ Nation, this was “enough to have some of Beatriz’s fans wondering about her sexuality”. And when a fan asked about it Stephanie was not afraid to proclaim that ‘yes y’all’, she was indeed bi. We love a casual coming out queen.

2 years later..

Stephanie Beatriz announced that she was getting married to her long time partner, Brad Hoss. And some of you may be like, big deal right? But in a world where bisexual people can be easily forgotten when they get into heterosexual relationships, it might be. She rightfully used this opportunity to talk about her unapologetic bisexual identity.

In an article, Stephanie opened up about how she’s “choosing to get married” to someone who brings out the best in her. That person just so happens to be a man. Regardless, she is “still bi”. Stephanie further talks about how having a “heterosexual – cis male partner in tow” at some Pride events made her feel unsure if she would “be accepted” by the pride community watching on the parade. But the reaction was always the opposite. Stephanie was and still is a positive Bi icon for those who are grateful for her braveness and strength the most  – the bisexual community. And the bisexual Brooklyn Nine – Nine fan community. Yes, we are basically everywhere.

Stephanie concludes the article by stating this:

In October, I will marry a heterosexual man. We’ll make vows that I will take very seriously—till death do us part. But I’ll be bi till the day I die, baby, and I vow to myself to always sing that truth.

The impact on the digital bisexual community

Unsurprisingly so, the article attracted many positive reactions and according to BBC News, people on Twitter “shared how they related to Stephanie’s story”. Many people revealed how they felt like they didn’t belong in the bisexual community because they have been in long term relationships and marriages with people of the opposite sex. Others also praised her for sharing her experience. I can happily say myself that I am so happy that she shared her experience, for us to be able to see it on such a big digital platform.

As I have previously mentioned, as someone who has always been in heterosexual relationships, and currently being in one now, its easy for me to feel like I don’t belong. Sometimes because there might be some questions about the validity of my bisexuality, (especially when hearing other people’s bisexual experiences online). This is because, as Stephanie herself stated, “Bisexuality sometimes needs an explanation”.

But, seeing a talented actress who also happens to play my favourite character from one of my favourite TV shows own her sexuality so openly for everyone online and offline to see, I was inspired to be unapologetic about my own bisexuality regardless of my dating situation. My bisexuality is still valid, bisexual identities are still valid.

Conclusive thoughts

This case study brings up the issue of the significance of people coming out as bisexual, in a society where perhaps coming out has been normalised. Despite this, maybe coming out as bisexual is still powerful, when bi visibility is not celebrated enough? Find out more in my next blog post 🙂

For the time being, here’s a video of Stephanie Beatriz character’s Rosa best moments. Because everyone deserves a bit of Rosa Diaz in their life:

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Thank you for reading and see you in my next post x

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