Hello all, welcome to yet another blog post! This week’s blog post includes discussion on #BiVisibilityDay and how to get involved!

I am sure you all wish to know a lil bit of context behind it. Well, from doing my own bit of digital research online, here’s some classic facts about #BiVisibilityDay from me to you:

– The official day of Bi Visibility Day is the 23rd of September. (Only two days after the 21st of September and if you’re a “September” by Earth Wind and Fire fan then you know).
– Bi people and Bi allies have celebrated this day since 1999. That’s 2 decades of Bi Visibility celebratin’ (I only know it’s 2 decades because the day is almost as old as me, and I’m sure if Bi Visibility Day was a human, they would too start complaining about back pain and student debt).
– The founded day aims to tackle the issue of bi-phobia and lack of awareness surrounding the Bisexual community around the world (my previous post tackles this subject so make sure to check it out in the link at the end of this post!)

The digital taking part

I am sure you are all aware of the power of Twitter and Facebook and how the things you retweet spread the word. Especially with hashtags, because nothing else spreads a stronger message than a good hashtag. #BiVisibilityDay has already mobilised the use of this digitally abundant mark of punctuation.

The power of social media

The first thing to do is get on the hashtag and tweet and retweet . An article by South Florida Gay News, strongly encourages “community participation“, to show some good old fashioned social media solidarity to the Bisexual Community. You can do this on Bi Visibility Day and during “Bi Visibility Week“, which is in the week of Bi Visibility Day! Tweet some hashtags, such as #bivisibilityday, #bivisibilityweek and #bipride, and share some stuff in support, as it is nice for bisexuality to be celebrated!

Charity support

Speaking about support, thanks to the internet, you can easily donate to charity in only a few clicks. By googling some charities that help support the bisexual community, such as Stonewall, Galop and Proud 2 Be, (their websites will be linked down below!). Online you can not only kindly donate, but also sign up to volunteer at events. Bisexuality and LGBTQ+ issues receive support and are given publicity by these charities, so get involved!

Charities mentioned:

Stonewall – https://www.stonewall.org.uk/get-involved

Galop – http://www.galop.org.uk/donate/

Proud 2 Be – https://www.proud2be.co.uk/get-involved/donate/

Educate yourself and learn more!

There is always a good time to learn about the bisexuality community and the people that helped tackle bi erasure within society, but on Bi Visibility Day, there has never been a better time to learn more about bisexuality. You can do this by watching a quick informative YouTube video such as this one by Youtuber duo The Princess and the Scrivener, their video featuring some Bisexual icons or BICONS. You can check it out down here:

Conclusive thoughts

#BVisibilityDay has become a key occassion every year for the Bisexual community online not only to celebrate being bisexual, but to also encourage society as a whole to be more and more aware of bisexuality and the challenges that people who swing both ways still continue to endure. I hope that this post was helpful in suggesting easy digital ways to celebrate not only Bi Visibility Day but also bisexuality overall!

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post 🙂

Check out my previous post in this link right here!

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