Voice & Tone

This blog has been designed to inform others about the METOO movement whilst also analysing the progression of the movement. Also assessing the digital impact of this movement on society as we know it is changing.

The writing style on this blog will always adhere to these four following rules;

1. Informative –  I aim to ensure that ALL posts published to this site are well-researched, useful, and interesting. Hyperlinks will be utilised throughout and all contributors will be attributed.

2. Celebrative – Hoping this blog will emulate the positive energy which the METOO movement embodies, my writing aims to celebrate the work done and highlight the impact the movement is making whilst also highlighting where the movement may have flaws as nothing is prefect.

3. Authentic – Honesty and clarity is key to how I write and you can expect all my publishing to contain the facts as I see them. This blog is somewhere people can educate themselves on the progress of this movement and how our future is changing. I will never claim to know it all but I will try my best to proudly represent this movement and the information as best I can.

4. Empowering – I hope this blog empowers all my readers to accept change in only a positive light. By empowering people to educate themselves on all aspects of the movement and changing what is widely known as acceptable for future generations to come.