This blog is an informative update on the #METOO movement, the progress that is taking over every industry and every country in a strive to making boys and girls, men and women and LGBTQ, feel safer, more equal and entitled to themselves.

If you feel like you are interested in following the narrative of this movement and would like to follow the journey of the far reaching power of empathy and the millions of people who raised their hands to say “ME TOO”, then this blog will guide you to the world we are building now, we are the conformation of the movement. The most powerful movements have always been built on what is possible.

Trauma holts possibility. Movement activates it.

I believe this movement deserves to be served better by the media, therefore in making this blog my aim is to serve the METOO movement and anyone who has ever felt belittled, numb, and closed off from speaking out about traumas and do you justice.

I am a Communications and Media student at Bournemouth University. My knowledge and experience with using the internet has taught me to utilise it and its many avenues to further my factual approach and I hope this blog proves a useful resource to all who use it.