Voice & Tone

The Voice & Tone on this website are:

  1. Reflective: looks into the meaning and examples of ‘brand new kids’. The articles reflect a reality which intrigues the author. It is the one of how childhood and kids have changed under the influence of the technological advancements.
  2. Semi-formal to informal: I decided to write my articles in a rather informal tone. I have also added a little bit of humour to make is colourful and ore interesting. The articles are not supposed to burden the reader’s mind. Therefore, the tone is suitable for the content of the blog.
  3. Credible: the posts include links to other websites, articles and social media content. This is to assure that the content is not just personal opinion. They also serve as an additional reading if the readers find themselves  exceptionally interested in what they are reading.


Now that you are familiar with the Voice & Tone, you can go and read my articles. Pour yourself some coffee, find a comfortable spot and enjoy!

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