Welcome to the Brand New Kids Blog!



What is this blog about?

Brand New Kids provides content which looks at some of the most vivid changes to childhood. Changes which have occurred as a result of the complete digitalisation of life. It explores the Internet (with its social media platforms, streaming service, etc.) as the new universal parent and babysitter, bearing/producing and raising entirely new type of kids with entirely new childhood experience.

If you are interested to see a compilation of what you perhaps have been observing in the generation coming after you, and to read about some interesting examples, Brand New Kids is the place to do so!

Why childhood?

Among all the aspects which the 21st-century technological advancements have influenced, I have a particular interest in childhood and kids’ behaviour. I observe the surrounding world a lot, and I notice how differently today’s kids grow up, behave, even look… Different compared to the childhood my generation had. I was born at the very end of the 90s, and yes, I do consider myself a “90s kid”. Therefore, as such, I feel I have some things to say on the topic.

Why read this blog?

You are having mixed feelings about today’s kids and how they are growing up under digital control? You were born in the 90s or earlier? Then here you will find a like-minded author probably expressing your thoughts and reflecting on what you have ran into as an example of a Brand New Kid. And what exactly do I mean by the term “Brand New Kid”? Have a look and you will find out!